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Roundtable 11/9/23


P153 passed out 115 awards, has chili cook off coming up

T22 Leader did woodbadge

T2020 Halloween was good

T93 Halloween was good, pinnacles was great, JTE gold

P514 tarantula hike was fun

P21 awesome bear carnival

T48 city Halloween bash was great, lots of fun

T90 open house was good

Roy Thomas has two new commissioners

T159 new eagles in the pipeline



Adults are not coming through on dropbox, Adults need to upload their certificate to and complete step 2. They do not need to do the CBC. If units need to recharter and info is not uploaded add to excel sheet with BSA ID#, name, training date, certificate number and submit with recharter or email to Bob Carns at

Chartered org paperwork needs to be filled out and signed, JTE can be turned in to Unit Commissioner, patches for Gold are available for 2023.


Scouting 4 food

Later pickup time due to Veterans Day. Trucks will come at 12-4pm. It will be at cornerstone.

Christmas trees

Antioch 153 collecting trees, on call

Brentwood collecting trees, paperwork is in

Oakley 152 selling trees, they are ready


Holiday parade

Brentwood marching together for holiday parade, organized by Laura Bunch

12/2 Knightsen is having a holiday parade and is asking if BSA wants to march, Laura is looking into it


Evan Overzet T93 is new Village Chief

Planning elections for units

They want to help with Spring Camporee

Winter Camp Awareness is Jan 13th

Klondike Derby is tentative for Feb 16-18

OA they need 15 nights camping, five of which can be from summer camp, and first class



Need more adults to help this year-we will have a committee meeting in December. Need Cub participation if we want to have a Cub event same time.

Scoring, logistics, parking, food, medical,

NCAP is needed for camping for camporee and twilight camp, Three classes: NCAP online, then LEAD and then in person

Roundtable 10/12/23


T159 Had a good time at Advance Camp

T153 Two new scouts, has two eagles.

T2020 good time at Advance camp

T152 AC great, two new scouts

P514 growing 43 scouts

T48 AC good

T90 two Eagle projects going on, AC was good

T92 Had fun at advance camp

Alyssa Padilla: Recruitment activities, open house, Halloween events, school districts

Camporee-can we do it with other districts, needs to talk to Mike O about this

Twilight camp-2 day or 5 day? Need to talk about it. Need a spot for either. x

Advance Camp: Had lots of kids coming to the trailhead after being done with MB, all scouts who do welding next year will get American labor MB as well, first time its rained in 23 years

SM/ASM Training, Volunteer onboarding: One member was upset because IOLS trainers didn’t show up to a class. You must have this training to take scouts camping. Dave King (T93) will set up an SM/ASM training for one of his woodbadge tickets and provide that training for our district. 

Use the new link provided for onboarding new adults. Adults must be registered to camp with troops.

Recharter: Nov 15th is the deadline for this year. After this year it will become an individual payment process. All adults must have current AB506 and YPT throughout the coming year.

Youth Leadership Training: Wondering about ILST. Troops usually teach it and SM can document it.

Scouting 4 Food-Nov 4th flyer day, Nov 11th pickup until 2pm at Cornerstone. Flyer pick up today.

District Campfire: 10/13/23 at Big Break, scouts are leading, skits and flag retirement leaders be there by 5:30. Be sure to dress warm, bring a flashlight, bring snacks if you can

Veterans Day: Event at Veterans Park at 11am, this is scouting 4 food day

Roundtable 9/14/23


T 159 in Oakley has one scout who just got his project approved and two almost there

T 48 has a scout who just started on their project, Pittsburg Seafood Festival was a success

T 93 has a scout who Eagled in August, and two over the summer

P152 has a cub who is a top popcorn seller, Cubmobile was a hit

Alyssa Padilla-interim DE for now, has two boys both involved in Scouting. Lives in Richmond and will manage both Muir and DS for now. Contact info:

·       Day Camp-we need to send at least two adults to NCAP training if we want to do more than two days,

·       Camporee-possibility of doing a Camporee with other districts, might be fun to have a lot of scouts, Mike O is the camping chair and he will look more into this

·       Recruiting is the biggest issue our district seem to be facing and Alyssa has been reaching out to schools.

Recharter-date for recharter is Nov 15th now, AB506: YPT and CA required volunteer training must BOTH be current through 2024 so anyone who has a date before 1/1/23 will need to retake both.

***Please send screenshots/copies of new AB-506 certificates to Bob Carns at

Technology-Mike O gave a demonstration of using MyScouting

OA-Order of the Arrow is having their 1st annual OA Fest! This will be held on 9/24 at Veterans Park from 3-6:30pm. FREE FOOD, Come and have fun, this is a free event. Info to go out to troops and flyers given to everyone. 

Roundtable 8/10/23


P152: Archery Day in July was awesome, 30 scouts from 5 districts

Registration event signed up 9 new scouts

Roy Thomas: Frank Beede will be our new DC (District Chair), had Covid but still planning to be DC will be at next roundtable

T93: Whitewater Merit Badge super fun

T21/22 and T93: both troops went to Philmont over the summer

T22 someone went to Sea Base and had a great time

New DE (District Executive): Frank Solla will be acting DE, he came from Montana and San Bernadino, he will be interviewing for a permanent DE. We need help with recruitment activities.

District Derby Day: 8/26, 7-12, set up at 7am-9am, event from 9-12, breakdown after, please put on District website, need volunteers from troops to help, only registered scouts can ride cub mobile, we could possibly send this event to the schools during science nights, a sign up genius would be helpful

Pittsburg Seafood Festival: 9/9 and 9/10, downtown Pittsburg, 8am-10pm, start at 7am, needs scouts or adults to volunteer, class B ok, Service hours for this, need to sign up on the festival webpage

Advance Camp: 9/29-9/30: Needs volunteers to teach MB and trailhead, service hours for this, expecting 3600 scouts, t-shirt and food!

Save Mt Diablo Fundraiser: 9/9, go to website and find the info and sign up there, set up, food service and breakdown, monte vista high school and shuttle up to the site, Nancy Huen is contact

District Webpage:,  need to determine what we are going to do with it? We need activities and current events, calendar, common information, registration, Mike O will take this as an action item


WHAT is a Roundtable?  

Once a month, Diablo Sunrise Scouters come together  to provide information about local Scouting events, activities, and  programs. Roundtables play a significant role in providing continuous supplemental training for unit leaders. This monthly event provides program topic guidance and structure suggestions for unit leaders. 

WHERE is a Roundtable?

Roundtable is held at Cornerstone Fellowship, 6641 Lone Tree Way, in Brentwood, every second Thursday in the portables on the right side.  


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